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Goyal India
Aluminum Flower Vases
Aluminum Utensils
Andirons & Dogs Set
Bar Sink
Beverage Coolers
Bird Baths
Bird Feeders
Brass Goblets
Brass Napkin Rings
Garden Bugs
Candle Holder
Chess Sets
Clay Pots
Clay Utensils
Coal Basket
Copper Handicrafts
Fire Guards
Fire Pit
Fireplace Fronts
Fireplace Hearth Tidy Set
Fireplace Log Holders
Fireplace Screens
Fireplace Tools Set
Floor Candle Holders
Flower Vases
Wood Furniture
Garden Animals
Garden Gongs
Garden Lanterns
Garden Sticks
Garden Tools
Garden Urns
Gel Fire
Mosaic Glass Bowls
Glass Flower Vases
Glass Goblets
Glass Inkpots
Glass Jars
Glass Utensils
Glass Votive Holder
Glass Wine Sets
Green House Heater
Hanging Candle Holders
Smoking Hookahs
Hurricane Lamps
Ice Buckets
Ice Tongs
Key Hook
Key Rings
Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils
Lamp Bases
Decorative Lamp Bases
Leather Accessories
Magnifying Lens
Brass Utensils
Mirror Frames
Napkin Rings
Oil Burners
Crystal Napkin Rings
Paper Clips
Party Buckets
Pen Holders
Perfume Bottles
Picture Frame
Picture Frames
Pillar Candle Holders
Pillar Holder
Post Box
Pot Hangers
Silver Finish Napkin Rings
Steel Cutlery
Steel Tablewares
Stocking Holder
Stone Fire Surrounding (Stone Firefront)
Sun Dial
T-Lite Holder
Table Candle Holders
Tea Light Candle Holders
Votive Candle Holders
Wall Sconces
Watering Cans
Wine Chillers
Wine Coasters
Wine Goblets
Wine Racks
Wooden Flower Vase
Wooden Boxes
Wooden Cupboards
Wooden Napkin Rings
Wooden Trays

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Goyal India presents its all-encompassing range of garden tools, which find application for the maintenance and upkeep of the garden. Must have for all gardeners, our range is useful for cutting, cultivation, digging and other gardening functions that give the garden a great sense of beauty and visual appeal. These garden tools are light in weight, durable in quality and easy to operate.We supply garden tools including quality garden tools, best garden tools, ergonomic garden tools, gardening hand tools, fiskars garden tools, lawn garden tools, english garden tools, echo garden tools, steel garden tools etc.

We present below few product samples from our exclusive collection of more than 5000 products.
We have expertise to offer the products in customized designs along with logo embossing / private labelling and other specifications required by our clients.
Please send us an enquiry detailing your requirements for a quick response.
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Scissor For Flower

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Item No.: 24613
Product Name: Scissor For Flower
Material Used: Steel & Plastices
Finish: Steel Finish
Item Size: H-2", L-19, W-5.5"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 18 pcs

4 Pcs Garden Tool Set

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Item No.: 24615
Product Name: 4 Pcs Garden Tool Set
Material Used: Steel + Wooden
Finish: Black Powder Coated
Item Size: H-1.5", L-13", W-4.5"
Inner Packing: 1 set
Master Packing: 12 sets

Garden Scrubber

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Item No.: 24618
Product Name: Garden Scrubber
Material Used: Steel + Wooden
Finish: Gray Powder Coated + Green Paint
Item Size: H-54", L-12.25", W-2"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 12 pcs

Heige Cutter

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Item No.: 24619
Product Name: Heige Cutter
Material Used: Steel + Rubber
Finish: Steel + Red Paint
Item Size: H-1", L-23", W-6.5"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 12 pcs

Digging Fork

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Item No.: 24620
Product Name: Digging Fork
Material Used: Steel + Wooden
Finish: Gray Green
Item Size: H-4", L-38", W-7.5"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 12 pcs

Rose Cutter

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Item No.: 24622
Product Name: Rose Cutter
Material Used: Steel + Plastic
Finish: Steel
Item Size: H-1", L-8.5", W-2"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 24 pcs


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Item No.: 24625
Product Name: Steel Wood
Material Used: Steel + Wood
Finish: Gray Powder Coated
Item Size: H-4", L-9", W-37"
Inner Packing: 6 pcs
Master Packing: 12 pcs


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