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An ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001 (AS4801) Certified Company
Goyal India Goyal India
indian wrought iron handicrafts, iron handicrafts suppliers, wrought iron handicraft, wrought iron handicrafts suppliers
We are the leading manufacturer, exporter & suppliers of Glass Handicraft, Brass Handicraft, Wood Handicraft & Copper Handicraft
Goyal India Goyal India
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Goyal India, Moradabad, Indian Handicrafts

Slide 1: We are the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Indian Handicrafts, Crafts,Glass Handicraft, Brass Handicraft, Wood Handicraft & Copper Handicraft.

Slide 2: Goyal India manufactures and exports Indian handicrafts. The variety include brass handicrafts, copper handicrafts, iron handicrafts, aluminum handicrafts,wooden handicrafts and glass handicrafts. All our artifacts have define aesthetic fused with utility. A well laid manufacturing set up along with experienced team of artisans have enabled us to offer a large collection of Indian handicrafts.
We specialize in garden ornaments, fire-place accessories, copper utensils,candle holders, EPNS, wooden items, lamps, glasswares, nautical, mirrors and photo frames. Our products create magic everywhere by enhancing the aesthetics of any location - whether it is the garden, kitchen, bedroom, drawing room or the terrace. The unique designs and patterns have endeared them to collectors from coast to coast and border to border. We know that the buyers will enjoy them and will appreciate them as gifts.
We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company maintaining uncompromising quality standard and ethnicity of the handicrafts by making use of age-old production methods and traditional skill sets. Capable of manufacturing handicrafts of almost all types, we undertake custom designed orders and deliver the same with perfection and precision. Our expertise in domain has enables us to cater to buyers from USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia,Kuwait, Saudi Arab, Israel etc

Slide 3: ALUMINUM FLOWER VASES : Intricately carved, the flower vases are specially used to display plants and flowers together and make exclusive gifts as decorative accents.
Who does not like to gaze the beauty of multicolored blooming flowers! Our comprehensive range of aluminum flower vases is designed to bring the delicate and pristine beauty of flowers into the ambiance of your home.
1) Embossed Flower Vase
2) Aluminum Flower Vase
3) Embossed Flower Vase
4) Aluminium Flower Vase

Slide 4: Aluminum Utensils : Kitchen is the favorite spot of housewives, chefs and cookery lovers. For performing the cooking activities with full convenience, ergonomically designed utensils are pre requisites.Goyal India offers its wide collection of kitchen utensils, which are constructed out of best quality aluminium to last for long time.
1) Aluminium Jar
2) Aluminium Kadhai
3) Aluminium Frying Pan
4) Cooking Pot With Lid

Slide 5: Andirons & Dogs Set : Enjoy the warmth of fireplace with full convenience! Our range of andirons & dogs set is useful for keeping wood in fireplace as well as for holding long fire tools. These highly utilitarian items carry an appealing charm with fine finish and match with the look of your fireplace and home.
1) Iron Andirons
2) 4 Pcs Tool Set With Pair of Dogs
3) Brass Andirons

Slide 6: Bar Sink : Bar, the favorite destination of drinkers! Create a neat and clean look in the bar by installing these bar sinks. Used for washing bar accessories as well as hands, our sinks come in several colors and designs to match with the theme of bar. Constructed out of high standard stainless steel and copper, these bar sinks are easy to install and possess sinkhole for attaching the drainpipe.
1) Stainless Steel Bar
2) Sink Copper Bar
3) Sink Plain Round
4) Sink Copper Bar Sink

Slide 7: Beverage Coolers : Wine, that too chill is like a nectar for drinkers in sweltering hot! Our broad range of wine beverage coolers is ideal to cool the wine and store the ice as well. These beverage coolers are made of best quality copper & brass and have a lacquer finish for prevention from tarnish.
1) Small Wine Coolers
2) Pewter Wine Coolers
3) Wine Bottle Coolers
4) Four Bottle Wine Cooler

Slide 8: Bird Feeders : Watching the chattering birds is a delighting and unforgettable experience for garden lovers.Create new entertainment in your garden with our exquisitely designed bird feeders! The various alluring designs of these brass birds feeders depict the creative panache and dexterity of our expert artisans.
1) 3 Bird Round Bird Feeder On Stick
2) Garden Bird Feeders
3) Brass Bird Feeders
4) Round Bird Feeder On Stick

Slide 9: Brass Goblets : Celebrate a luxurious and memorable drinking party with our sparkling brass goblets. These wine goblets carry with them a charming finish of different colors, which is capable to jolly up the mood of drinkers. Varied trendy shapes of these goblets create a fashionable charmin the surroundings.
1) Goblet
2) Goblet Saildar
3) Hammered Goblet
4) Brass Goblet

Slide 10: Brass Napkin Rings : Let your dining table display your love towards art through these brass napkin rings! This unmatched collection is the outcome of our workers rich imagination and accomplished craftsmanship. Host of shapes and designs covering different themes of nature evidence it.We are committed to adhere our quality parameters and come up with this range from finest metal.
1) Beaded Napkin Rings
2) Brass Napkin Rings
3) Brass Silver Plating Napkin Rings
4) Bone Napkin Ring

Slide 11: Garden Bugs:Multicolored butterflies moving around the flowers and strange insects perching on swinging leaves create an eye pleasing scene in the garden. Our incomparable range of decorative garden bugs is a visual treat for those, who desire to fill each and every corner of their garden with natural beauty.
1) Garden Bugs
2) Iron Garden Bugs
3) Antique Garden Bugs
4) Copper Bugs

Slide 12: Garden Candle Holder:Elegantly designed collection of garden candle holders, that will bring mesmerizing light and charismatic appeal in your garden. Candle holders were one of the primary lighting solutions in the past and used for illumination as well as rituals & decorative purposes.
1) Wooden Candle Holder
2) Pillar Candle Holder
3) Votive Candle Holder
4) Glass Candle Holder

Slide 13: Chess Sets : Add more fun and joy to the game of mind! Whether you are a novice or expert chess player, our range of wooden chess sets will provide you long life happiness. Adroitly carved from finest quality wood, these wood chess sets are sturdy and durable. Superior polish lends them a decorative look. These chess sets are customer friendly in prices.
1) Wooden Chess Boards
2) Chess Board With Full Set
3) Chess Table
4) Complete Chess Board

Slide 14: Clay Pots : Clay pots have been used since the dawn of human civilization. In spite of being obsolete in modern days, they offer an elegant way for the decoration of garden and home alike.Natural look of these handcrafted clay pots easily gels with every type of surrounding. Our range of clay pots is handcrafted by those clay potters, who have inherited this age old art from their ancestors.
1) Clay Pots
2) Clay Pots
3) Clay Pots
4) Clay Pots

Slide 15: Clay Utensils : Bring an age old charm in your ambiance with our matchless range of clay utensils.Reminding one the forgotten traditional utensils, our clay pots have been manufactured using finest quality clay. They are baked in the kiln to last for long time. These clay utensils provide tasty and hygienic food and carry no chances of infection like steel and other utensils.
1) Decorative Clay Pots
2) Clay Plate
3) Clay Jugs
4) Clay Earthen Pots

Slide 16: Coal Basket : Coal baskets are used for carrying and keeping coal at fireside. In addition of being a must have fireplace accessory, they also serve as a decorative item for your home. Our range of fireplace coal bucket is created out of different metals in various finishes to suit the size and look of your fireplace.
1) 3 Pcs Black & Brass Coal Basket Set
2) Long Coal Basket
3) Round Copper Bucket
4) 3 Pcs Coal Basket Set

Slide 17: Coasters : Let these multicolored beaded coasters make your dining table center of attraction!Splendid and decorative these designer coasters serve the purpose of protecting table surface from extreme cold or heat. Our broad range captures the versatile imagination of creative artists and touches the scale of craftsmanship in a remarkable manner.
1) Square Beaded Coaster Flower With Leaf
2) Flower Coaster
3) Multi Coloured Beads

Slide 18: Diffuser : Aroma therapy has been used in the days of yore to reduce stress and enhance energy.Diffuser is a most popular device, which is used to diffuse i.e. spread the aroma of air freshener oil throughout the place. Goyal India presents a striking range of diffusers, which are perfect for the parties, bedroom or altar to create a pleasant ambiance.
1) Copper Diffuser
2) Iron Diffuser
3) Glass Diffusers
4) Copper Diffuser

Slide 19: Fire Guards : Fire guards are perfect medium for offering protection as well as decoration in fire place area. We at Goyal India offer an elegant range of wrought iron fire guards, which come in various attractive designs & finishes, that portray the creative flair of our highly skilled craftsmen. Our reliable and durable fire guards can be installed easily almost each size of fireplace.
1) Scroll Design Fire Guard
2) Four Fold Fire Guard
3) 3 Fold Scroll Heavy Fire Guard
4) Single Fire Guard With Big Scroll

Slide 20: Fire Pit : Fire pits are mainly designed to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading. Apart from this, they can also be used for warming up, grilling foods or beautifying the decor of garden,patio or other outdoor places. Our range of metal fire pits is created in sturdy yet portable construction and rust resistant finish.
1) Copper Fire Pit
2) Iron Fire Pit
3) Whalen Fire Pit
4) Stainless Steel Fire Pit

Slide 21: Fireplace Fronts : Fireplace fronts are considered utilitarian home heating systems as well as home enhancers.We manufacture and supply a wide range of decorative brass fireplace fronts, which have a touch of sophistication and beauty. These fire fronts come with a self-supportive rigid,rectangular frame, which is given a designer and tempting look by our diligent workers.
1) Full Brass Flower Fire Front
2) Black & Brass Fire Front
3) Black & Brass Fire Front
4) Brass Fireplace Fronts

Slide 22: Fireplace Hearth Tidy Set:Fireplace hearth tidy sets are used for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining the fireplace. We, at Goyal India offer a comprehensive range of hearth tidy sets, which are made from high grade brass and have a shining polish to look more striking. Long handle of these tidy sets provide users comfortable feelings while magnifying the charm of fireplaces.
1) Brass Fireplace Hearths
2) Salidar All Brass Hearth Tides Set
3) Nero English Knob Hearth Tidy Set
4) Twisted Top Hearth Teddy Set

Slide 23: Company Factsheet
Year of Establishment : 1981
Nature of Business : Manufacturer Exporter Wholesaler
Total Number of Employees : 101 to 500 People

Slide 24: Contact Us
Contact Details:
Goyal India
Mr. Vipul Goyal Opposite Modern Public School, Delhi Road
Moradabad - 244 001, Uttar Pradesh, India

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